Asian American overacheivers - ethnic stereotypes, war, peace, and immigration policy

Ethnic stereotypes can be rooted in empirical reality, but that reality can be war, peace, and immigration policy. The stereotype of Asian Americans as high academic achievers is directly traceable to US immigration policy, say Jennifer Lee and Min Zhou in "The Asian American Achievement Paradox." Chinese immigrants were banned from coming to the US through 1943; only after the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act was there a rise in Chinese immigrants and only those who were highly educated. Vietnamese immigrants came as refugees in the 1970’s fleeing war and political turmoil. Both groups were comparatively highly educated and highly skilled compared to Chinese and Vietnamese who did not

Soccer: the sublimated battlefield of the revolutionary

While research on Politics + [Movies / Literature / Music] is common, where is the work on Politics + [Sports]? James Dorsey’s “The Turbulent World of Middle East Soccer” begins filling this huge gap. He argues soccer stadiums train sports fans to become activists, especially young people, often leading to violence. In 1997 Iran, celebrations to support the national team in a World Cup match against Australia turned into “Death to the Mullahs” protest. Libya’s historic Al Ahly club represented the community’s opposition to the Qaddafi family regime, as protests broke out in 2011, security forces razed the club’s headquarters. Egypt’s Ultras groups, anarchists experienced in struggling

Flâneuses, footloose and fancy free

Flâneuse-ing is the feminine art of traveling to see, not to be seen; to tell, and not be hold, as we learn from Lauren Elkin’s Flâneuse: Women Walk the City in Paris, Tokyo, Venice and London. Each chapter centers on a different woman’s voice. Paris is where Elkin grew into herself and she loves it. Tokyo is where she went when her boyfriend changed jobs and hates it. Until she detaches from him, then she can see the country’s beauty for what it is. She shows us Venice through the life of Sophie Calle an artist who obsessively follows her subjects around the city; she creates by stalking. London we see through the eyes of Virginia Woolf, reminding us that it can feel like freedom to wal

How Netflix eats the movie studios' lunch

Ebook sales don’t affect the hardcover sales of most books and, further, delaying ebook release reduces ebook sales as much as 40%, Michael D. Smith and Rahul Telang show us in their new book Streaming, Sharing, and Stealing. Ebooks aren’t substitutes for physical books. Those who want to buy one won’t accept the other instead. Their conclusions come from investigating the impact of Amazon removing the “buy” button on Hachette’s ebooks for Kindle during a dispute with the publisher. The Indian movie industry went into revenue shock inflicted by the tidal wave of pirated DVDs in the 1980’s. Both the quantity and quality (according to IMDb reviews) dropped by half from 1985 -2000, found Te

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