Measuring China and Russia's

Soft Power

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Bytes to Bucks:

Soft power, tech, policy, and culture

February 5, 2018.  "The Wu Rubric for Soft Power:  Measuring China and Russia's Social Networks". 

Audio recording of panel discussion with Professor Valerie Anishchenkova on Russian video games, Rui Zhong on US IT companies in China, with comments from Izabella Tavarosky and Dr. Elizabeth Newbury.  

February 8, 2018.  "North Korea so wants to be unified with South Korea on the international stage that for a few weeks they hit the “pause” button on nuclear war. There could be no better example of the Olympics as a symbol of peace and no better illustration of the importance of soft power. ... more

Applying the Soft Power Rubric

South Africa post-apartheid

India and China

Japan and South Korea

  May 1, 2018

Major powers: Soft Power Rubric Applied
International Studies Association, April 2018
Taiwan's soft power relationships
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